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I present to your attention very inexpensive but really high quality stable iptv russian channels with always working playlists m3u and with the ability to connect and view Russian channels simultaneously on three devices (for example on two TVs and a smartphone) Ч https://watch-russian-iptv.com/

I bought a new smart tv TV with 75 diagonals in the new 2020 - 2021 and was immediately disappointed with the quality of Russian TV iptv (I will not say what was before), but I searched among the free iptv TV playlists with Russian channels and iptv ru m3u support, but to Unfortunately, they were not at all pleased with the quality of broadcasting. terribly braked and lagged, the picture broke, the sound outstripped the action, etc., because of these iptv brakes it was impossible to enjoy watching TV. In the end, I found an alternative with the best price cheap Russian TV iptv television.

Has connected to 2 TVs Ч the best iptv russian channel list and the main thing is really stable working IPTV, without hang of servers + it is possible to connect 3 devices at once on one package.

Here personally tested iptv russian channels url Ч https://watch-russian-iptv.com/ cost only from $ 4 for a month (there is a free test for 3 days), I pay without problems by a card or electronic money.

Channels show clearly because a lot of HD and Full HD, sorry 4k is not yet for my brand new 4k TV :), there is a super opportunity to connect Russian TV at home and watch iptv ru on three devices at once and this on one subscription! Connect all through the usual iptv player, use the most popular iptv players in your country. Servers at them work perfectly and extremely rarely brake, almost never, I am sure that any new user will be surprised at the stability of broadcasting of Russian TV in any country and the world! It is easy to connect and configure iptv, you just need to register and get a free test for 3 days Ч https://watch-russian-iptv.com/ Ч url russian channels list.

Here is the updated iptv russian channels list

Common TV channels Russian iptv playlist 2021:

The first HD / FullHD channel
Russia HD / FullHD
NTV World
Channel 5 (Russia)
CTC Love
World TV
World HD / FullHD
TV3 Russia
TV Center
RTR Planeta
Fashion TV
Questions and answers
The first channel (+2)
NTV (+2)
TNT (+2)
Russia 1 (+2)
The first channel HD (+4)

Sports TV channels Russian 2020 - 2021 iptv playlist:

Match! Game HD / 50fps HD / FullHD
Eurosport HD / 50fps HD / FullHD
Eurosport 2 HD / 50fps HD / FullHD
Match! Our sport
Match! Arena HD / 50fps HD / FullHD
HD / 50fps HD / FullHD TV Match
Match! Football 1 HD / 50fps HD / FullHD
Match! Football 2 HD / 50fps HD / FullHD
Match! Football 3 HD / 50fps HD / FullHD
NTV + Our football HD / 50fps HD / FullHD
Football 1 Ukraine HD / FullHD
Football 2 Ukraine HD / FullHD
Belarus 5
Viasat Sport Russia HD / 50fps HD / FullHD
Extreme Sports
Setanta Sport HD / 50fps HD / FullHD
Setanta Sport + HD / 50fps HD / FullHD
Match! Fighter
Boxing TV
KHL HD / 50fps HD / FullHD

Cinema TV channels Russian iptv playlist:

Premiere of HD / FullHD
Action-packed HD / FullHD
FilmPremium HD / FullHD
Our Detective HD / FullHD
Our Movie Movie HD / FullHD
Film family
Our new movie
Native Movies
Indian film
TV1000 East
TV1000 Action East
TV1000 Russian cinema
ViP Premiere HD / FullHD
ViP Megahit HD / FullHD
ViP Comedy HD / FullHD
Movie screen 1 HD / FullHD
Film screen 2 HD / FullHD
Amedia Premium
Amedia 1
Amedia Hit HD
Russian illusion
Russian detective
Russian bestseller
Russian comedy
Fox Life Russia
Fox Russia
Sony Channel
AXN Sci-Fi
KinoTV HD / FullHD
Film screening
NST (Scary)
Scary HD / FullHD
Paramount Comedy Russia
Paramount CHannel HD / FullHD
Men's cinema
Home Cinema
Cinema House Premium HD / FullHD

Cognitive TV channels of Russian iptv:

Discovery Russia HD / FullHD
Discovery Science HD / FullHD
History Russia HD / FullHD
History2 HD / FullHD
ID Xtra Russia
TLC Russia
Planet HD / FullHD
Eureka HD / FullHD
National Geographic
National Geographic HD / FullHD
Science 2.0
Nat Geo Wild HD / FullHD
Animal Planet HD / FullHD
Animal Family HD / FullHD
A country
Da Vinci Learning
Viasat Explorer
Viasat History / Nature HD
Viasat History
365 days of TV
My planet
Russian Travel Guide
TV Travel HD / FullHD
Travel channel HD / FullHD
Travel + Adventure HD / FullHD
Hunting and fishing
Hunter and fisherman HD / FullHD
Outdoor channel HD / FullHD
Wildlife HD / FullHD
Living planet
Kitchen TV
HD / FullHD Food
Auto Plus
HD-Life HD / FullHD

Russian TV channels Russian iptv playlist:

Nickelodeon HD / FullHD
Tlum HD / FullHD
Disney Channel
TiJi Russia
Cartoon network
Nick Jr
Visiting the fairy tale
Channel Oh!

Music channels RU iptv:

Bridge HD / FullHD
Europa Plus TV
MTV Dance
MTV Russia
MTV Rocks
Music of the First
VH1 Europe
VH1 Classic
Muz TV
Chanson TV

Russian news channels 2020 - 2021 iptv list:

Russia 24
BBC World News Europe

Foreign TV channels in Russian:

New channel
1 + 1
2 + 2
9th channel (Israel)
ONT Belarus
Belarus 2
Belarus 3
7th channel (Kazakhstan)
Astana TV
Armenia TV
Shant HD
Atv HD
Armenia 1 TV
Adults +18 TV channels in the Russian language 2021:

Dorcel HD / FullHD
Redlight HD / FullHD
Hustler Europe HD / FullHD
Candy HD / FullHD
Brazzers TV
Russian night
Playboy TV

Registration for iptv playlists Ч https://watch-russian-iptv.com/ (free 3 day test)

How to set up and how to watch Russian playlists iptv channels on smart tv TVs?

1. Setting up iptv player:
Looking for a Smart TV menu search, any popular application Ч iptv player

2. After starting the selected application:
Click on the button to add a playlist or download the iptv playlist and enter the url address of your paid on the site Ч https://watch-russian-iptv.com/ of the iptv service provider of the playlist

3. Adding Russian playlist iptv m3u 2020 - 2021 to player

4. Enjoy your favorite Russian TV channels in HD and SD quality to choose from

How to set up Russian iptv on iOS and android smartphones?

1. Download the right application for connecting iptv player from the App Store (for ios) or Play market (for android)
2. Add playlist m3u playlist purchased package
3. We look Russian iptv on a smartphone wherever there is Internet (in any country)

Configuring iptv on consoles:

Add iptv russian channels url Ч https://watch-russian-iptv.com/ playlist address in the console menu and watch

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Russian TV 2020 - 2021 and IPTV television without locks, no stutters, no brakes Ч https://watch-russian-iptv.com/ (only stable and precise flow of Russian channels)

Connect Russian iptv tv Ч https://watch-russian-iptv.com/
Russian television on drive2 iptv m3u Ч http://iptvplaylist2019.com/iptv-plejlist-2019-stabilnoe-rossijskoe-tv-cherez-internet-iptv-plejlist-m3u-rossijskih-kanalov-2019.html
Watch Russian iptv on youtube russian playlist Ч https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbOiogMxNvj3-MLNAixeiuQ
Playlists 2020 - 2021 iptv in VKontakte always working Ч https://vk.com/iptvplejlistm3urossijskih
Russian IPTV in the google plus community Ч https://plus.google.com/b/110677896651804502412/communities/100163291428014967282
On facebook iptv Russian channels Ч https://www.facebook.com/iptvrussianchannels/
Always working iptv on classmates ru Ч https://ok.ru/iptvrussiantvchannels
Russian iptv in Germany in Europe in Asia Ч https://www.de-online.ru/forum/14-3915-84405-16-1603040084

I wish you all interesting and quality viewing!

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